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For some, golf is just a game — but for many it is far more than a sport. Time and time again, we hear professional golfers and others share the life lessons they learned through their affiliation with golf.

A game for all ages and all skill levels, we can play for a lifetime. We play with friends, strangers, and sometimes our most peaceful moments find us walking up the final fairway alone as the last glimpse of daylight dips below the horizon. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best — "Man does not quit playing because he gets old; he gets old because he quits playing."

Through this site, we hope to share our passion for all aspects of golf. The history of golf, the players, the companies, the technology, the courses, and just about anything else we can think of. If you're a golf fan and think we've missed something, please contact us so we can add it for the benefit of other golf fans. To help offset our costs for hosting and development of this project, please click on one or more of the advertising links located at the top or right side of this page. Our sponsors compensate us based on total clicks, so thank you!

Visit some of the new pages recently added to this site:

Golf Courses — A collection of some of the worlds best golf courses, public and private. Feel free to share your comments.

Miniature Golf — A state-by-state listing of great miniature golf courses in the United States.

Golf Clubs — Our view of the best equipment available and links so you can read more about clubs you may be considering.

Golf Carts — We can't all have a caddie all the time, so a golf cart can help solve half the problem but won't read your putts.

Golf Channel — The Golf Channel is one of our favorites — can you guess why?

Golf Balls — Learn everything you wanted to know about the golf ball and how to select the one that's right for you.

Golf Training Aids — There are more devices to help your game than there are courses, check 'em out here!

Golf School — Whether you're just taking up the game or a seasoned veteran, check out these golf schools.

Historic Golf Headlines GOLF HEADLINES FROM YESTERDAY & TODAY! In the weeks ahead, we'll be selecting some of the great stories from the game and sharing details here. Send us a date and headline and we'll research it for you!

- Caddie wins 1913 National Open Championship
- Donald J. Ross emigrates to the U.S. (1899)
- Jack Nicklaus wins 18th Major
- Tiger Woods records historic win #50 (2006)
- 2006 Ryder Club to be held at K Club Ireland
- Find golf legends in the 1930 Census
- Census US records document golf legends Callaway Golf
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